Outsource your Secretaries with our Software

It is becoming increasingly common to outsource some or all of the services supplied by secretaries within an organisation or company. The savings to a business, large or small, can be extremely beneficial. A lot of secretaries now enjoy working from home on an 'as and when required' basis, freeing up your monthly financial commitments.


We can assist you as follows:

  • Outsourced transcription and secretarial services.
  • Transcription services.
  • Advice on the various options for providing the service.

How Does it Work?

We have a software package that is installed on our servers (or yours if preferred) enabling your users to dictate and upload their dictation work, and your remote-based secretaries to instantly download, transcribe and return it.

Express Delegate will manage audio files created by multiple users of Express Dictate and MSRS to send the recordings automatically or manually to multiple typists using Express Scribe. Managed through a web control panel, it is now even easier for a transcription company or organization to control multiple dictation files, destinations and final typed documents.

With Express Delegate, recording are sent directly to the Express Delegate server where they will be assigned to typing pools from where a typist using Express Scribe can retrieve the audio file automatically from their application or can download it manually. Finished transcriptions can be sent and received in the same way back to the speaker.

It can cost less than £100 per user with no ongoing maintenance costs. You can use the system through cloud computing, your own server, or just an internet-enabled PC. It takes about 48 hours to set the system up.

The usual transcription cost is around 60p-90p per minute. If you do not need your secretaries for anything much apart from typing work, the savings can be phenomenal.

We can also supply and install the hardware including dictation machines, home transcription equipment, PCs and servers. For further details and an e-brochure please email us at pearl@uk-transcription.co.uk or telephone 01352 751945 and one of our consultants will be glad to assist.

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