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You can upload digital files using our secure server (SSL) at our sister site - You can email us digital files if less than 10MB (particularly DSS files) or use or another bulk file provider to send them via the internet free of charge. We also accept uploads of certain file types directly to our servers. Please send your tapes, CDs, DVDs or memory sticks via post to the address below.

NB: Let us know when you send files or media so we can assign our transcribers and keep you informed of delivery - please remember to pack CDs, tapes, DVDs and memory sticks carefully.

  • All Media to be Sent To:
  • TP Transcription Limited
  • Pen y Banc
  • Ystrad Pont
  • Denbigh
  • LL16 4RW
  • Tel: 01745 813306
  • Email:

  • London Office Address (no media)
  • TP Transcription Limited
  • 27 Old Gloucester Street
    WC1N 3AX
  • Tel: 0208 0991632

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