Prices and Quotations

Use the form below to send us full details for a tailored quote from our team. Our prices vary according to the length of the recording, the type of media (eg digital file, DVD, video, tape etc..) and the time frame.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 1 hour (Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm), please contact us.

Prices depend on the quantity and content of recordings as well as return times. Our fees are based on actual times of recordings, so our customers know the price before we commence work. There is sometimes an additional administration fee, dependent on the media and size of the order.

Please ask us for a quote for any work you may require - you can email, fill in the form below or call 01745 813306. We offer ongoing service contracts at reduced rates.

Quotation Form

(Please note that we charge a higher fee for fast response work.)

Please enter a detailed description of the type of work you have, including the recording media (CD, tape, digital etc..). If you are also interested in a quote for an ongoing contract, or would like details of our dictation software and support service, please enter details:

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